WAVE consortium members significantly advance interoperability in SATCOM virtualization technology—and bolster the success of their own organizations—through two essential actions:

  • Participating in working groups, which outline the roadmap and, version by version, shape the development of the standard.

  • Voting on each iteration of the standard to guarantee WAVE remains relevant and accommodating to a diverse spectrum of use cases and industry requirements.

WAVE members encompass a broad array of entities within the satellite communications sector, including cloud providers, satellite network operators, modem vendors, and end-users, all united in steering the future of SATCOM towards more agile, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions.

Membership Levels & Fees

  • Board Member – USD $30,000* (not available at this time)

  • Corporate Member – USD $15,000

  • Government/Non-Profit Member – USD $0

Board Members

Corporate Members

Government / Non-Profit Members